Ready, set... Torah!

Torah Flame was created having in mind the unstable reality we are facing.
Many rabbis have been left out without a stable source of parnassah. Even those that often had stable jobs in communities around the world are now facing serious challenges.
History has taught us that when crisis hits, we can only count on Hashem and cling steadfast to his Torah. This is what has kept our heads above the water and saved us.
And so, Torah Flame was born!

What we provide for you:

An efficient platform for uploading shiurim and courses.

Free registration and easy account set-up.

Online support and monthly payments based on sales


So how does this work, really?

Pretty simple: anyone with a camera, with experience or not, with credentials or not, can record shiurim or full length courses and promote it on Torah Flame for sale.
In fact, we have very little requirements except compliance with Halacha and the spirit of authentic Torah Judaism!
Rabbis and teachers are free to set the prices for the courses, number of lessons and everything else with full freedom having their own, unique profile and course pages.

Compensation Tiers to Support Rabbis

There are no fees or charges per month, registration for Rabbis and teachers is completely free and with no strings attached. We only collect a small percentage of the sales every monthly cycle for the maintenance, administration and marketing of the website as follows:


  • Tier 1: From US$ 0 – US$ 2,999.99 in sales : 75% commission for the Rabbi
  • Tier 2: From US$ 3,000.00 – US$ 7.999,99 in sales : 85% commission for the Rabbi
  • Tier 3: From US$ 8,000.00 and up in sales : 90% commission for the Rabbi
So, what are you waiting for?


Have a great idea for a shiur or course? Join us here!


Have the lev to support a Torah teacher? Purchase a course!